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Yourbusiness leadermarket

Are you tired of seeing your brand losing out to the competition?It's time to change that!With our ebook"6 steps to make your brand market leader", you'll gain access to valuable insights and proven strategies to boost your brand and make it stand out in the marketplace.Don't waste any more timeand invest in your success right now. With just a few hours of reading, you will see surprising results and become a reference in your field. 

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powerful insights

Gain powerful insights with  strategies used by the big ones brands.

attract customers

Find out how to attract more and more customers to your business.

go further

Achieve greater results with the knowledge of this e-book.


90% of entrepreneurs do not understand in depth aboutpositioning strategiesthat can raiseyour  business to the next level.

Understanding the importance and positive impact of brand positioning is essential for a company's success. Brand positioning can help create a unique brand image and also establish an emotional connection with customers. This allows the brand to stand out from the competition and build brand loyalty.  Brand positioning can also help reinforce brand identity and establish credibility with customers. Also, positioning a brand can help increase brand awareness and increase sales. Therefore, by positioning the brand correctly, it is possible to achieve a positive impact for both the brand and the customers.

If applied correctly, with this e-book you can improve your processes and sales numbers by up to 50% in the first half. And even greater results annually. Having targeted knowledge will help you get better and better results.  

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Who is itAlex Costa

Born and raised in a small town in northern Paraná, and graduated in Advertising from UNIME SA. 


Passionate about brands since he was a little boy, he focused on graphic design and at the age of 14 he was already in charge of this sector in a printing company in his hometown.


With a focus on evolution and a lot of study over the years, it has accumulated some design awards mainly aimed at brands, bringing more than 250 brands to the business world. At the age of 23, he got to know Marketing and delved into this universe of Branding, positioning and differentiation, lecturing on these subjects and moving business through individual mentorships.

Today, at the age of 31, he is CEO of HACART creative studio and helps businesses across the country to adjust their entire internal base through the union of Design, Marketing and Branding. Leading them to become relevant brands and increase their revenue and internal engagement. There are 15 years of experience with brands. Your biggest mission is to make your business stand out and win the hearts and pockets of your target audience.

Benefitsto buy this ebook

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Have a manual with proven methods with you;

It can be accessed anytime and anywhere;

Very important information with low cost benefit;

Immediate access to information;

Instead of participating in face-to-face courses or investing in consulting, you can purchase a brand positioning e-book and learn at your own pace, saving time and money;

Permanent reference: By having access to a brand positioning e-book, you can consult it whenever you need it, making it a permanent reference for the development of your brand.


See what people are saying about the ebook

" very explanatory e-book with a lot of good quality technical content. I recommend it"

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Common questions

1. What is the delivery time?

A.: Delivery time is immediate after confirmation of payment.

2. What is the file format?

A.: The file you will receive will be in PDF format so you can open it on any device.

3. Can I pass this ebook on to my team?

A.: After purchasing the e-book, you can pass it on to anyone who wants to read it as long as there is no resale of it, by you or by third parties. 

4. What are the payment methods?

A.: Payment methods vary between credit card, debit card, PIX, Boleto, PayPal, Google Pay, Hotmart Account or Virtual Box.

5. Where do I get the file?

A.: You will receive the file in the email registered at checkout.

6. How long will I have access to the e-book?

A.: After purchase you will receive the file in your email in PDF format and you can download it or save it on your drive. So you can access it whenever and wherever you want for a lifetime.


Still in doubt?

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copyright 2023 - All rights reserved - Allex Costa - Hacart creative studio. 

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